¿viajero o turista?

“A hostel? You’re going to get murdered!” exclaimed a concerned fourth grader. It was the day before I was to depart for my trip to Colombia. As is my commitment, I did not pass up this unexpected opportunity to show students a different way of living- this time in regards to travel. (Note I am also committed to not using the term “teachable moment”. I haven’t made it to that stage of corny teacher… yet!)

To address that very common misconception about hostels I showed students the website where I found the hostel, and we talked through the diverse offerings and locations of hostels throughout the world- including our country! We learned about the different features of hostels, such as security, dorms or private rooms, social activities and tours.

After my trip I followed up with another lesson about different styles of travel. Below are #doodlenotes describing the lesson. ¿Turista o Viajero? provided sixth grade students the opportunity to not only learn about different styles of travel, but to express their own preferences and discuss the merits of the different styles. We even got into a spirited debate about whether the binary categories were sufficient and how most of us are somewhere along a spectrum between the two- something I am proud to say the students pointed out to me. I looked over the fact that I was asking them to define themselves in a binary because my main concerns were broadening their understanding of travel and providing them accessible vocabulary to speak about their own preferences. I was happy to engage with this concept and proud that they spoke up.

Hope you enjoy!

Love and light,


P.S. Although some of the discussion was in English, everything included in the #doodlenotes was in Spanish, including the student output.

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