There are many privileges that accompany working in an independent school, and many that are specific to Trinity School. I am currently enjoying one such privilege. As you read, I am exploring Medellín, Colombia (with my mom!) thanks to a grant I received from Trinity.

The Teacher Opportunity Grant provides financial aid to teachers so they may “pursue an innovative program or self-designed activity to increase knowledge, proficiency, experience, or insight that will be applied in the classroom and shared with colleagues.” I was fortunate enough to receive this grant and below you will find #doodlenotes about the details of my trip, my goals for learning, and how I hope this experience will impact my students’ learning.

I have embarked on this journey with a grateful heart and a deep awareness of my responsibility to work toward a society in which such opportunities are plentiful.

Love and light,


P.S. What a privilege to have a mother who is also my favorite travel buddy. Thanks for sharing this and many other journeys with me, momma!

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