consent in the early years

Throughout the past few years, and increasingly over the past months, women (both Cis and Transgender, alongside male victims and allies) have begun speaking up about issues of sexual harassment, rape, and consent. Just today, TIME magazine named The Silence Breakers their Person of the Year.  In the #doodlenotes below, I explore some ways to teach consent to young children. The ideas in my doodle  evoke thought about how to guide children to ask for consent and how to instill ownership of one’s own body from a young age.

Alongside my own experiences as a teacher of young children, I gathered ideas by reading this article from The Good Men Project. My doodle is clearly not exhaustive but rather illuminates how simple it is to empower young children to advocate for themselves and their bodies.

Hope you enjoy.

Love and light,


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.11.01 AM

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