¿cómo te sientes?

This week I transformed a simple Spanish lesson plan about feeling words into a chance for 3rd graders to reflect on how we express and interpret feelings. It was a great opportunity to integrate my passion for social emotional learning and empathy building into a Spanish lesson that aligned completely with our current unit. I have the recent ACTFL conference to thank for the inspiration, tips, and tricks and on how to add in such lessons without veering away from Spanish learning targets. (See my twitter feed for  #doodlenotes from the conference.)

Below you’ll find my #doodlenotes that illustrate the questions I asked students before and after the activity and an outline of the activity itself.

Also, I must add that after I had completed my notes, I did a modified version of this lesson with 2nd graders. I was thrilled when they made a connection (that I had missed) between this discussion and our previous chat about Ferdinand the Bull. If the men in the story had just asked Ferdinand how he was feeling, they wouldn’t have mistaken his pain for fierceness and mistakenly chosen him for the bull fight.

Hope you enjoy.

Love and light,


Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 6.31.07 PM

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